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Some case studies on how a will can benefit you

April 4, 2020 3:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
  1. Bobby and Sue are married with kids.  They were unfortunately killed in a car accident and they did not have a will.  Their children are now at the mercy of the courts to appoint a guardian, instead of a will.
  2. Bobby and Sue want to make sure that Bobby’s brother get’s his corvette and Sue’s sister get’s her portable she-shed.  The only way to make sure of this distribution is through a will.
  3. Bobby and Sue believe that Bobby’s brother is irresponsible, and would prefer Sue’s sister to be the personal representative of the estate.  The only way to spell this out is through her nomination in a will.
  4. Bobby and Sue don’t trust any of their 3 kids to administer their final wishes.  Since they have a will, they are able to nominate someone who they trust to ensure their kids get their assets properly.

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